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Anhui Fenglirui blade Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded in 2003 is located in the east suburb of Gangcheng maanshan city Bowang industrial park, is a country town, cutting tools, moulds spark model one of national key cutting tools production base.

The company has strong technical force, reliable product quality, currently serving more than 300 employees, has a provincial engineering (technology) research and enterprise technology center, including professional and technical personnel accounting for 20% of the total number of employees, new technologies and new product R & D personnel accounted formore than 10% of the total number of employees. Long-term Anhui University, Shanghai University, Anhui University of Science and Technology and other tertiary institutions have a long history of research and cooperative relations, built the research Joint Institute and college students practice base. my company's products are widely used in plastics, metallurgy, forestry,chemical fiber, electronics,printing,tex-tile, papermaking mining,construction and other industries.Some products by supporting have been exported to south-east Asia and United States and Germany and New Zealand and Brazil and Hong Kong and Taiwan and surrounding are-as, received unanimous favorable comment of customer.

This produced strong technical force, well-equipped,advanced technology,superior quaiity,using high-quality-steel, advanced heat treatment and testing equipment, for the overwhelming majority of users with the appropriate-hardness, sharp edge, durable good product.Adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation,quality first"busine-ss philosophy,fully carry forward the"for his inheritance,excellence" spirit of work, the comprehensive implementation:"to-user needs as the starting point,based on user cognition at the end of" the qualitypolicy, prudent management and h-ard work.

Faced with the challenge of the new century "shatter" side by side, hand in hand with clients to create a brill-iant future!

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